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    Buying Luxury Apartments in South India

Like change is the only constant there is, landscape of India has witnessed a gradual paradigm shift. Where there were massive open areas in the realm of metropolitan cities, they now host some of the largest industries and MNC’s which has subsequently given rise to demand for housing in such areas.

Development of Information Technology and the passage of time has only made the central areas of these metropolitan areas more crumpled. Realtors have taken quick note and have developed luxury homes at affordable costs in the exterior areas making it convenient for modern families.

For a wholesome and much fulfilling lifestyle, such luxury apartments besides having exquisite living spaces have comprehensive amenities too. 24/7 foolproof security, Green Building features, tranquil spaces, wellness and fitness amenities besides being in convenient distance makes these luxury apartments much more attractive and desirable.

Affordable by price and convenient by distance to all socially relevant infrastructure like shopping malls, renowned educational institutions and and super speciality hospitals, these luxury apartments have caught the fancy of modern families especially in the industrious cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Hyderabad is now the new Silicon Valley of India. Top global companies like Google, Facebook, UBS Verity and many others have their India headquarters in Hyderabad. Large number of top companies have shifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad too. And hence, the rise of demand for luxury apartments has risen consequently.

Gachibowli in Hyderabad seems a much futuristic area with suave social and civic infrastructure aiding the presence of such Multinational Companies and newfangled luxury apartments with state of art structures. A certain Sumadhura Acropolis, the tallest of tall luxury apartments here opposite EMAAR Golf Course is quite a sight.

While Hyderabad has Gachibowli, Bangalore has Whitefield, Marathalli, Hosur Road and J.P Nagar. All these areas host emergent luxury apartments in beautiful structures with comprehensive amenities. Being removed from the hustle of the central parts of the city, these areas are traffic free, serene and host all conceivable social infrastructure.

Globally speaking, Bangalore (now Bengaluru) is a one of a kind city for its effervescent charm. Popular for the congenial weather throughout the year, luxury apartments are a hot trend in Bangalore these days, owing to the buoyant startup culture and the quantum of young crowd and modern families opting for convenience over convention.

Both Hyderabad and Bangalore have emerged as the hot cities for luxury apartments as the demand graph here shows a steady rise from the homeseekers. Investment wisdom too points out that investing in the exterior areas of these cities promises a potent bang for the buck. NRI’s looking to find homes for review too can find a safe haven here.

This drift of the Indian landscape toward a more social and convenient space in luxury apartments is a welcome one as it boosts communal living in an all-embracing manner. A far change from the conventional ways of life we are all accustomed to amidst the traffic snarls and crumpled living spaces in the central parts of the city.

Definitely a welcome change, a much needed one for the city and the nation.

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