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    2bhk & 3bhk Luxury Apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore

2BHK & 3BHK luxury apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore have been in demand for quite some time now. It does not require expert opinion to ascertain the reason(s) for this demand. Bangalore has primarily been a happy and buoyant city. People find its weather conducive for living. The city’s real estate growth story has made headlines innumerable times. In fact, its success story has put India on the global map. In short, people want to be here, live here, and enjoy a quality life. Let’s try and find out why owning a luxury apartment in Bangalore is on every luxury buyer’s list.


What makes these 2BHK and 3BHK luxury apartments so desirable? Why is it a wise choice living in one of these apartments? Perhaps the primary reason why these are in such high demand is the strategic and beautiful locations Bangalore offers to luxury home-buyers. Some of the primary considerations for home-buyers these days are proximity to workplaces, schools & educational institutions, shopping malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Better connectivity and convenience are also very important aspects that home-buyers look for. Moreover, luxury buyers majorly look for peace and serenity in the location they live in.

Bangalore has an impressive repository of blissful locations. Take Whitefield for example. It has readily transformed itself from a suburban agricultural land to a buzzing real estate destination. On top of rapidly-developing social infrastructure, it has all the points mentioned above, thereby making it a top choice for luxury home-buyers. Whitefield is also close to the “Downtown” side of Bangalore. Importantly, investing in Whitefield properties assures of high returns in future. Similarly, there are many such places in Bangalore that are “top considerations” for investing in 2BHK and 3BHK luxury apartments.


Luxury apartments not only promise the best of amenities but also aesthetics. The architecture of a project goes a long way in defining a property as luxury or not. A simple look at a particular project is enough to know whether it is a luxury apartment or an affordable one. Luxury buyers are very particular about how their property looks. The experiential aspect is also super-strong in this segment. For example, builders are quickly adopting the concept of smart homes by implementing advanced technologies. Whitefield, by virtue of hosting a more cosmopolitan crowd, is one area where luxury apartments stand tall in great light and glory.


As the saying goes – there is no limit to luxury. In Bangalore, this holds true to the core. Most of the 2 and 3 BHK luxury apartments are part of gated communities that offer a unique experience. Builders and architects are constantly trying to come up with newer concepts and conveniences to attract customers. Most luxury homes these days promise a resort-like, on-vacation lifestyle. Competition is tough and because of the competition, buyers are being treated to newer experiences. Builders in Bangalore have raised the bar significantly.

Sumadhura Shikharam in Whitefield is known for its delightfully comprehensive and exquisite amenities that offer residents a life full of convenience and memorable moments.


Luxury projects in Bangalore offer unparalleled convenience to its residents. There are tangible benefits of staying in such apartments. For example, instead of paying an exorbitant sum for a gym/health club that you sign up for somewhere near your place, you could actually avail the same amenities within your premises by simply paying a membership fee every year. This fee also entitles you to other conveniences such as utility stores, swimming pools, sports and fitness infrastructure in exquisite order, party lawns and party halls, ultra-modern clubhouse for the residents, among other things.

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