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    Why NRIs Should Invest In Real Estate, Post Pandemic

We have been going through extraordinarily challenging times for the past eight weeks irrespective of wherever we are across the world. In our recent past we haven’t seen any social/economic decline to this extent altering human activities across the globe.

In India too, like other countries every sector has been affected, bringing down the country’s economy to a halt. Though the country’s GDP will be affected in the short term due this pandemic, it is expected to pick up very soon as per the recent IMF report. Real estate is expected to play crucial part in steering up the country’s economic growth to a significant level.

The recent announcement of stimulus measures called “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” is also expected to boost the economy and thereby real estate.

Investing in Real Estate has always been considered as a stable form of investment all through. From gaining a new regulatory body in RERA to weathering fierce policy changes and other challenges, India’s Real estate graph has grown slowly but steadily. With the rupee weakening against dollar, and reports of extensive job cuts in Europe & America, there has been increased interest amongst the NRIs to invest in real estate in India.

The recent Anarock report says; ‘’The rupees’ depreciation had been a factor of considerable interest for the NRIs considering Indian real estate as a sensible investment option during these volatile times’’. It has also been observed that a large number of expats have tried to make a positive effort towards investing in real estate in India, before or during the lockdown.

The reasons why the non-residential Indians should consider investing in property now:
  • Real Estate often ensures a stable return on investment
  • Over time the property ensures a genuine appreciation value as compared to other investments, thereby eliminating temporary crises escalated by sudden market uncertainty.
  • Investment in Real Estate has been often regarded as a risk free option given the tangible nature of the asset.

Real Estate contributes almost 7% to the national GDP and further the Government of India has incentivized certain housing schemes to the delight of home buyers. Additional benefits have been given to those housing developments which fall under the category of Affordable Housing within the budget of 45 lakhs.  The Govt has not only brought down the GST rate to 1% for affordable homes, but also reduced it to 5% for the other under construction homes last year.

Recently State Bank of India (SBI) country’s largest public sector bank has also announced a rate cut on the SBI home loan. It further specifies that NRIs paying a higher rate of interest on home loans will be given an option if they want to consider refinancing their existing home loan to reduce monthly EMI burden and subsequently increase their interest cost savings. The interest rate has significantly lowered to 7% making an ideal deal for the home buyers to make the most of it, fulfilling their idea of achieving a dream home.

With the two decades of experience in the real estate sector, Sumadhura has established itself as a premium residential property in the country with significant presence in Bangalore & Hyderabad. We wholeheartedly understand that buying a new home is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make with a profound sense of emotional value attached to it. We have a reputation as one of the leading real estate developers in the country that caters to customer needs, desires and expectations. This reputation has been achieved by delivering what was promised, a quality home, an honest pricing and on time delivery. From the location you select to the personalized details of your choices we at Sumadhura are there to help you to make your dream home a reality. Sumadhura’s constant endeavour has been to deliver projects of international standards that have been instrumental in its rapid growth. We bring you a modern form of housing where residents share not only a living space but also a set of interests, values and intentions. Sumadhura’s ultra-luxury lifestyle also encompasses values like openness, collaboration and social networking. At every corner of  Sumadhura homes we assure you the best of all good things that life has to offer that more than 4000 of our happy customers can vouch for.

At Sumadhura, since the beginning of our journey we have been consistently committed towards our customers and in this process we have successfully incorporated the philosophy of innovation, sustainability and excellence in the real estate industry. The journey of more than 20 long years combines a legacy of trust, commitment and development. To its credit it has bagged a number of prestigious Real Estate awards which are nationally recognised.

The below representation will give you an idea of Sumadhura Group’s steady growth over the years and project appreciation per sqft over a period of time.

Invest in Real Estate
Invest in Real Estate

This period of lockdown has enabled homebuyers to spend considerable amounts of time in searching, analysing and evaluating property of their choice in detail. While the sudden onslaught of Covid19 has slowed down the Indian market across all sectors of economy, the increase in potential homebuyer’s willingness or interest at this time to invest in property shows a silver lining. The recent volatile stock market, along with the currency benefit of rupee-dollar exchange has made it favourable for the NRIs to invest in Real Estate in India.  Property experts/consultants are of the opinion that in this time of emerging crisis, a large section of non-residential Indians, previously aligned to stock market as primary investment policy have shifted more to real estate as a form of long term investment.

History has shown that the world has always bounced back from any form of crisis sooner or later, be it health, economy or social. As Rahm Emanuel, an American politician has rightly said “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

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