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    Why is a 2 BHK Apartment a Good Investment Option?

The covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener in realizing the importance of owning personal space for one’s self against other avenues. First-time home buyers would want an apartment space that is compact, easy to maintain, and authentic among other requirements. Investing in a 2 BHK apartment is a good investment option as there is no dearth of 2 BHK flats in recent times.

Investors look for a home that caters to all the household needs on a daily basis, which also adores their health aspect, community living, recreation for kids, etc. They prefer a reasonable lifestyle clubbed with a touch of luxury, with an inclination towards luxury apartments because of the amenities that it offers, alongside being economical. Therefore, investing in a 2 BHK apartment as opposed to a bigger space is a more potent option than renting one that can become a hot property within a few years. It makes investors expect a competent lifestyle and a capital gain over time, in the endeavor of reselling the same portion.

Maximum space for the optimum spent, a 2 BHK flat offers you all the benefits of a luxury apartment, high on the finesse quotient. A classy jogging track, gym facility, a scintillating clubhouse, swimming pool, other recreational activities, etc. will be the appealing factor for most customers. Having a home not only helps you realize a dream abode but also gives convenience in terms of location, dimension, colossal space, capital appreciation, etc.

Following are Some of the Metrics That Factor in While Buying a 2 BHK Flat:

All the aforesaid is possible when a customer selects a Real estate developer having unmatched credibility in the domain and who can deliver the promises with absolute integrity, keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront.

Dimension: A 2 BHK flat can make you go Wowww… in an area ranging from about 1000 Sq Ft. to 1250 Sqft. (Super built-up area). This can pull off a premium lifestyle, nothing less than beauty. A 2 BHK home is easy to maintain, ensures aesthetic interiors, spacious rooms, a bright dining area, a Lofty kitchen, etc., can elevate your space to be the finest place that captures rare memories – lasting an eternity. Having a cup of Tea on the breezy balcony will enhance your lifestyle. Sit on the balcony, smile, and express your limitless aspirations to the world.

Location: Customers want to own their dream home that hails in the prime location connecting major IT hubs, Metro connectivity, railway stations, airports, entertainment hubs, schools and colleges, Hospitals, etc. having excellent access to the socio-cultural and retail infrastructures around the project will become an attractive resale attribute in future. A friendly neighborhood, easy to shop, social connection, united by nature, etc. will add the required flavor. Therefore, it has the potential to promote the property in the most attractive way possible and adds immense value to the asset over time.

Financial Benefit: Every home buyer expects a profit before investing in his/her dream home. Let us look at a scenario – Renting vs Owning a home.

For Instance – Say person ‘A’ is living in a rented 2 BHK house, owing a rent amount of 12K per month. After a few years, with real effective rates taken into consideration, the rent goes up to 15K. At the end of 15 years, he would have paid a rental capital of around 25L*. Not a wise option for an exceptional fiscal discipline.

As against the above Instance, Say the person ‘A’ buys a 2 BHK apartment. With a low-cost EMI option, he is able to clear all dues in some years and cherish life thereafter. Happy-go-lucky in the end.

Now ‘A’ plans to rent out the same portion at an amount of 20K. Over a period of 15 years thereafter, the recurring revenue he yields through rent would be around 40L*. Aside from his financial dynamics, this tangible property is a dependable asset for his family. Therefore, buying a 2 BHK has a profitability notion in many ways than subscribing to a rented house.

Appreciation: There is always a return on investment factor that defines whether an investment is great or just about good. Drawing an increment of 50% from the principal amount is a great return as compared to spending about the same on rent. For example, a 50L* property would shoot a capital gain up to 75L*, with a dividend of 25L* in 10 years. Investing in a fiscally rising commodity will secure the future from rough eventualities if any. Therefore, Appreciation is a key factor that makes all the difference in owning one.

Tax saving: a) Section 80c of the IT act, 1960 – maximum deduction of up to 1.5L; b) Section 24 of the IT act, 1960 – Interest component deduction of maximum 2L only; c) Section 80EEA of the IT act, 1960 – Additional deduction of interest component up to 1.5L for the first time home buyers (Tax policies are subject to change every financial year).

Other Benefits: Through Tax concessions where 5% GST for a said capital will attract a minimal indirect tax, which could add a jubilant impression on their disposable personal income. (Registration fee is exclusive of this tax).

Once an investment goes into a 2 BHK apartment, the investor would want to ensure their funds are parked through a good real estate developer. The real estate sector is one such industry that is the fastest-growing and has the prospect of contributing about 15%* to India’s GDP by 2030.

Therefore, this cannot be looked down upon in the long run in terms of an investment option to reap the optimal capital gain of owning a 2 BHK apartment over time.

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