History Of Vastu Shastra

From the days of our ancestors, Vastu shastra has been part of our Indian Culture. It originated from Sthapatya Veda that is a knowledge of ancient times, involving the connection between people & buildings where they live & work. The early principles were dependent on the sun rays and their differing positions at different timings. The principles & guidelines of Vastu are confined to the Science of the architects known as Sthapathis in ancient days. They pass on this knowledge either verbally or through written monographs.
Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means comfort. It refers to the right proportions of nature’s five elements – Fire, Air, Earth, Water & Sky. These elements help in enhancing positive energy & eliminate negative energy.

Vastu in Day-To-Day Life b

It is believed that Vastu shastra is a kind of a superstitious belief among people where they tend to follow it because their ancestors followed it. However, in reality, the truth is that Vastu shastra is an architecture and science that utilises the planning guidelines & rules to build a home similar to the principles of architecture. 

Ancient Vedic building science (Vastu Shastra) has laid the foundation of construction guidelines that vibrates in harmony with nature & balances the flow of cosmic energy(prana) through & around. Cosmic energy is believed to bring goodwill, reduces negativity and aids in complete healing.

Myths About Vastu Shastra

We all have been misguided with a lot of wrong facts about Vastu. So here are a few common myths we all tend to believe which are not even close to the truth.  

  • Vastu is the same everywhere: Vastu differs from place to place based on the climatic & geographical conditions. What works in Karnataka may not work in Hyderabad. It is based on the location
  • Vastu shastra is a rare concept and only experts can understand: Well, Vastu shastra is derived from the experiences of a common man. They are guidelines & principles of the building design which could be understood by anyone
  • Vastu Shastra has solutions for every problem: No not even close; Vastu compliant homes help us to lead a healthy life as the house is enough airy & comfortable spaces with a hygienic environment and this psychologically leads to believe in a healthy & happy lifestyle
  • Vastu Shastra is a rule book & should be followed as it is: Vastu was originally developed by ancestors with the help of their community to build a home. There is no rule book to follow the same principles. Vastu is completely scientific, that depends on structural design, geographical location, climatic conditions etc,

Through this article, we hope that you’re very clear about the VASTU SHASTRA that goes hand-in-hand with the architecture.