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    The Story Of A First Time Home Buyer In Bangalore

My story is a common one. Corporate job, middle age paunch, noisy neighbours, heavy hassles and what not.
Needed a change. Totally. Somehow I made up my mind. Having always lived in the central parts of the city, I understood one. simple. concept.

The concept changed my mindset. And lifestyle.

“The closer people stay to work, the smarter they are” This concept. It changed my life.

Travelling about 40 kilo metres a day just to and fro work, I had enough. There was no ways I was going to change careers / companies. Not at this point of time.
My 3bhk apartment was somehow getting dated by the day, i loved it, but still. Needed change, yeah.

Like it should be, before buying a home close to Whitefield or in Whitefield, I did my research.
2bhk or 3bhk luxury apartment in Whitefield. Comprehensive research, Thanks google.

I zeroed in on a 3 bhk luxury apartment in Whitefield. By this time the 3 bhk apartment was already listed for rent. Smart right?
I was excited, ready to move in apartment it was. In one week I was going to do what my father or grandfather did not.

I was going to live under my own freaking roof. Proud as I was I went back in time and wondered how it all changed.
I wondered why I did not make this choice earlier. At least a decade or two back. Why!

I realised my life indeed has been a good one. My growing up years in my current locality was as sprightly as it could be.
And my choice now to move into this 3 bhk luxury apartment in Whitefield, well, I wouldn’t change a thing

Malleswaram was always a great area to be, it still is. Not as affordable though, generally speaking.
A square meter in an apartment costs about 15OOO INR. In Whitefield it’s around 6000.

And being the foresight investor that I always tell myself I am, there is no way prices will come down, Whitefield or anywhere in Bangalore for that matter.
I hope you get where I am coming. Return on Investment – My lovely new 3bhk luxury apartment in Whitefield is bringing it.

And the ways of life? Chalk and cheese. I can reach work in like 10 minutes from my new home. It took about 4 hours of travel time previously, easily.
My family loves the idea of living in this 3bhk apartment. Beautiful panoramic views of the skies, sports and fitness amenities, oh so serene ambience,
the green cover in the premises. Well, complete shift. Still love Malleswaram though. Too much history there. But welcome to the new ways.

And how did I do it!

A simple yet extensive research on the internet.
Made a list of good homes, shortlisted and concised further
Met the shortlisted builders, had a nice chat with them
My decent credit score helped – Fun is here.
Remember, my 3 bhk apartment I told was listed for rent? It made just enough money to pay for the EMI’s and monthly groceries.

I was now certain, this was one of the best decisions of my entire life. Moving closer to work – Saving/ Making more money, peaceful ways of lifestyle,
The convenience, the wellness of my family. Well, seeming outlandish already? But how can i say less or be more precise/

Lets just put it this way
Housing in Whitefield is the new goldmine. The faster one gets aware, the more there is. Cheers, yeah.

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