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    Solving The Problem Of Small-Sized Kitchens

All apartments may not have spacious kitchens. A small in size kitchen may be at times a problem for residents, though that does not mean one cannot do anything about it. There are certain tips one can follow to renovate small kitchens and make cooking a fun activity. Cabinet doors in small kitchen must be replaced with glass. This makes the kitchen look neater and bigger. Glass gives the illusion of a bigger space as the eyes go beyond the glass panes to the area deeper inside the cabinet.

There may not be multiple windows in a small kitchen, but one needs to treat the windows in a manner so that maximum light comes in. A gloomy and dark kitchen always looks small and unwelcoming. Never keep anything in front of a kitchen window that blocks natural light from coming in. If there is a privacy issue, one can use opaque sheets to cover the window. Natural light makes a small area look lively and even spacious. Moreover, the colour white reflects light, brightens up an area and makes it look bigger.

Thus, it is a good idea to pain the kitchen white or at least use light colours to reflect as much light as possible. If one is planning to renovate the kitchen with tabletop and other kitchen accessories, he/she may also use light coloured ceramic tiles on the walls. Though not always feasible, increasing the visual space of a kitchen can make the kitchen look bigger. There may not be much change in the carpet area but more light will come in. Depending on the layout, a wall could be removed to open up the kitchen into the adjoining space or room.

Do not forget to use stripped flooring in kitchens as they make the floors look wider. Ideally, a combination of light and dark colours should be used. Use of intelligent cabinets that takes less of space but still has enough room to keep kitchen accessories should be installed. The kitchen should have ample lighting. Pendant lighting adds to the ambiance of the kitchen and cabinet lighting helps in cooking. Stainless steel and ceramic tiles also magnifies the effect of natural as well as artificial lighting. One can also place a mirror right opposite the window.

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