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    Digital Door Numbering System In Bengaluru

Bengaluru will soon get its digital door numbering system, known as the DiGi7. It will be a unique seven-digit identification number that will make searching for an address in Bengaluru a breeze! The BBMP will soon start providing these numbers to all the 19 lac properties across the city.

It has cost the civic body INR 83,000 to come up with the framework. BBMP will use the GIS Enabled Property Tax Information System (GEPTIS), which is basically a database created by mapping all properties within BBMP limits, to detail all properties and the location including the ward and road.

The DiGi7 technology can be used across platforms such as cab aggregator apps, Google Maps etc. Even food delivery service providers may also use DiGi7 for easy identification of the address. According to ET Realty, BBMP commissioner N Manjunath Prasad recently explained that property owners will have to register on a portal using their Property Identification Number. This will generate their unique digital door ID. This alphanumeric number can also be synced to mobile applications. This will allow property owners to check details such as the area of a site, history of tax payments, number of floors, built-up area etc.

The program has been tested internally. Citizens will have to enter their PID, username and password to get their DiGi7. In case someone fails to generate the unique code, it would mean that that particular PID is not registered online. This will also help in the identification of properties excluded by mistake. This unique code will be permanent, regardless of a change in ownership, change in property size, ward boundary or any other numbering change, reports The Times of India.

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