As per the recent market analysis, the Indian real estate business still recognizes a majority of home buyers’ most preferred choice is the 2BHK apartment. With various projects coming up across major cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, the obvious question is, what are the driving forces behind this choice? Here is a listing of some of the significant benefits of getting a 2BHK apartment.

Cost & Locality Analysis –

In most scenarios price is usually the most significant deciding factor, while small apartments are relatively cheap, and when a person analyzes a growing family where large apartments are quite high and the price exceeds the value of 1 crore in most circumstances. On the converse, 2BHK is not just a reliable option, but also an affordable one too. In major cities such as Bangalore, getting a 2BHK apartment in a prominent locality like Whitefield provides an excellent commute advantage with metro stations and other general facilities. Therefore, most of the time 2BHK flats become the preferred choice.

More reliable Maintenance at Low Investment –

Compared to the large apartments, the interest on your loan amount is less and the sustenance of a 2BHK apartment will cost much more inexpensively. Nevertheless, when compared to the small BHK apartment, the cost increase is not so significant. Thus, it is always a more intelligent choice to opt for a 2BHK apartment and ensure that the apartment maintenance charge remains lower compared to a bigger apartment.

Better utilization –

Spacious apartment seems like a large space, but when it comes to the modern nuclear families, particularly in the metro cities like Bangalore, reaching for a large apartment might just turn out to be an excess of space. 2BHK apartments are cozy and offer maximum utilization of the space.

Lease or Rent –

Rent demand 2bhk apartment, you can rent it out to bachelors, families, etc but in case of a big apartment, you have to rent it out to bachelors only to get the maximum benefit out of it. Otherwise, you will have to compromise with the rent.

For a person who is thinking of buying a new apartment, it is the smartest choice to invest in a 2BHK apartment, even if the person is single at the moment. It will allow you better expandability along with the better resale value in the future if required.