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    Ask Us Right Now – 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments from Sumadhura

Owning 2bhk and . has always been a matter of choosing comfort over convention and convenience over tradition. All of us like absolute certainty. But do we have it? One never knows how much certainty is absolute certainty. Here’s trying to bring in a little (or a little more) certainty to the home buyer. We got your backs, yeah.

Quite evidently we are in a time of tremendous cultural transformation. And in such a mind shift we as a society could very neatly fall for popular perception. Unanswered questions are one of the most dangerous answers in all things worthy. One can write all day about what such dilemma to ask or not might do. Lets just write them off.

What is the Difference Between a Apartment and Luxury Apartments?

Luxury. Absolutely and easily. Luxury apartments offer myriad amenities and added conveniences to make life here more serene and sprightly. While they are strategically located to make commute to work and school easy, being here in these luxury apartments is an experience by itself. Comprehensive sporting, wellness, fitness and social amenities in exquisite order with conventional amenities like parking, round the clock security and maintenance makes for quite a good life.

How Affordable are these Luxury Apartments?

Much surprisingly very affordable to own. For the immense value they render over conventional apartments and independent homes, luxury apartments are actually way more affordable than most of us have perceived them. There is common wisdom to how these luxury apartments can be so affordable as suggested.

Mostly these luxury apartments are strategically located outside the central parts of the city. There are stark differences for land price and building costs – primary reason why costs are inflated in central parts of the city. While this helps in seamless commute to work and school, it also helps residents have a far more relaxed and easy ways of life considering the woeful traffic hassles in the city. Fresher air, easier ways of life, more affordable homes with all conceivable amenities and conveniences certainly is more appealing than hasty living in crumpled spaces with limited conveniences at definitely higher costs – hope the point is clear.

Are These Luxury Apartments Easy to Own?

Paperwork for properties has always been extensive. Options to own these properties however have been way more easier than say a decade ago when there was lesser transparency in the market. As more and more builders are offering extensive luxuries in these luxury apartments at competent prices, These competent prices are seldom paid in full. Most banks have personalised offers making it convenient and easy to pay off the loan on your terms over a period of 15 to 30 years.

And while we hope the message is clear, we doubt if this is all the info you need. Please feel free to get in touch and get answers for all your queries, right now, right here in the comments.

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