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    7 Things to consider while buying the luxury apartment in Bangalore

Few decisions in life always need much deliberation. Buying a luxury apartment in Bangalore or any property for that matter requires a world of thought. Here’s putting into perspective the most important factors to consider while buying a luxury apartments

Neighborhood: You don’t want to live in a lavish high rise but wake up to a not so pleasing sight every morning, do you? Our neighborhood plays a large part in our lives and lifestyles. Kids especially tend to take much influence from the kind of surrounding we live in. Investing in a right area is at most times, life-defining.

Proximity: To work and school. Outlets for sports and fitness however plenty within the premises, proximity to work and school is a crucial factor to consider while looking for that luxury apartment. Imagine living in Yelahanka or a Sanathnagar and having to travel to Whitefield or Gachibowli for work. The closer you stay to work, the smarter you are goes a popular quote.

Reputation of the builder: The biggest put off from a builder is when the promised delivery date of the luxury apartment in Bangalore is put off. This being a common thread across many builders, renowned builders like Sumadhura Infracon have always had the pleasure of keeeping upto to timelines with a regal body of work like very few in the industry. Customer is king, yeah. Always!

Commute: Ease of commute from work to home is such a pleasure. A rarity these days. At some point or the other we all have been dogged by the traffic snarls haven’t we? Lucky are the ones who could commute to work in chance less ease. Residents of Sumadhura Acropolis should be a much convenient and lucky lot. Being located in Gachibowli, known for its absolute tranquility and much envious proximity to work in the business side of Gachibowli. Residents in Sumadhura Shikharam and Silver Ripples too have such a convenience considering the fact that most of Bangalore travels trough the traffic snarls to Whitfield, ITPL or Maratahalli while the residents of luxury apartments in Whitefield/luxury apartments in Gachibowli can reach to work and home in exquisite ease. Talk about work life balance.

Family Order: A lot to consider here. You could have the closest of proximity to work but what about the kids and the spouse. Also choosing between a 2bhk luxury apartment or a 3 bhk luxury apartment may also requite careful thought.

Floor #: It is quite a famous secret. Many people dont fancy living on the top most floors of an apartment, the number one reason why luxury apartments on top floors from many builders are relatively cheaper. However some fancy the exclusivity, the cool wind and the exotic view it offers. You may do well do consider which part of the building the luxury apartment is.

Feasibility: Although owning a luxury apartment nowadays is a lot more easier and affordable, you dont want to make a commitment through a unsteady income and screw up the CIBIL score. Understanding your source of income and the EMI plan definitely brings in a lot more clarity of intent.

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