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    4 Reasons Why Ready To Occupy Flats In Whitefield, Bangalore Are In Great Demand

Ready To Occupy Flats in Whitefield, Bangalore have always been in great demand from Bangaloreans. The fact that most of the MNC’s work from Bangalore East areas like Whitefield, Maratahalli and ITPL has been a primary reason for such a massive demand foe these ready to occupy flats in Whitefield. The emergence of Whitefield has been as fascinating as it has been dramatic. Here are 5 reasons why there has been a massive demand for 2bhk / 3bhk Ready to Occupy flats in Whitefield, Bangalore.

1.Return on Investment: Average price per square feet for a 2 BHK / 3 BHK luxury apartment in Whitefield is Rs. 5076. The same kind of home in a more central area like Jaynagar or Indiranagar has an average price about Rs. 21000. – A massive difference indeed. Definitely burns a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. Probably no other area competes with Whitefield when it comes to Value-For-Money. We all know how steadily property rates keep rising in Bangalore and an investment in such areas like Whitefield with a promising return of investment can indeed pay off substantially in the long run. Perhaps, families investing big in Whitefield know this best.

2.Lifestyle Amenities: How many independent homes or apartments in central areas of Bangalore can have an expansive premises with panoramic views of the skylines, kids play area, comprehensive sports/fitness amenities, clubhouses, suffiicient parking spaces and social amenities to keep in touch with neighbours? Probably very few or none. Ready to Occupy flats in such outer areas like Whitefield not only provide immediate ownership and are easy to move in but come with a plethora of joy raking amenities that make life so much more convenient and peaceful – a far cry from the crumpled and noisy ways of life we all have had enough of.

3.Proximity: How many times have we been struck in those strenous traffic jams and have somewhat become used to it. Most residents of Whitefield do not have this problem. Why? While many take a brisk walk to work, most residents who work in these large MNC’s here have it considerably easy when it comes to reaching office. About 60 percent of the city works in Whitefield or its surrounding areas. One easily saves about 2 hours of travel time by staying in or around Whitefield considering the peak hour traffic and the long rides most of us take to reach work in Whitefield. Time is indeed money these days;

4.Immediate Ownership: Genuine home buyers with a good CIBIL score always find favor with builders. While such home seekers get attractive offers from Banks, the prospect of immediately having an own home and a revamped, healthier and joyous lifestyle has already smitten the most modern families of Bangalore. Ready to occupy Flats are favored for the better understanding of the intricate details of the home and the amenities that come with it while saving that much money on rent and other surcharges.

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